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vCenter 6.5 in Azure

After installing a Active Directory Domain Controller in Azure and setting up a Setup a Point To Site VPN to Azure it's time for something else. On the Windows 10 client I installed a couple of ESXi 6.5 hosts so of course I want to manage them with vCenter. But since I lack the serious resource requirements of vCenter on my Windows 10 laptop I decided to run the vCenter in Azure. Why? Because I can… Or at least, because I want to.

Note: Even though you could use parts of this manual as a howto on various subjects do not consider this a manual for a production environment. While trying to set this up I encountered many difficulties and in the end I did not fully complete on my original goal. It was however fun to do and I learned I lot while doing this so if that is your goal please continue and have fun.

→

2017/02/22 21:47 · sjoerd

Setup a Point To Site VPN to Azure

Setting up a Point2Site VPN is something you normally would consider for people on the road or if you do not have many users. This setup will just connect my computer to my Azure tenant and is a follow-up on these previous articles: Getting Started With Azure and Active Directory Domain Controller in Azure. So far I haven't done anything else in the environment so everything will still be done from scratch. To connect my computer through a VPN to the Azure tenant we'll need a couple of things and steps to go through:

  • We'll need Certificate Services because we need a root certificate as well as a client certificate
  • We need to enable the tenant to allow Point To Site VPNs by configuring a subnet and gateway
  • Then we need to install the VPN client software

→

2017/02/13 16:07 · sjoerd
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