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 += AIX NIM Client Move =
 +I was in the situation that I created a new [[aixnim|NIM environment]] to replace the old NIM environment. I didn't want to follow IBM's documentation on how to move NIM clients from one master to the other so I created my own procedure. Steps are pretty simple:
 +# Remove the NIM client from the old master
 +# Add the client to new master
 +# Check the niminfo file
 +== Remove the NIM client ==
 +The procedure on how to remove a NIM client from a master can be found [[aixnimclientadd#​aix_nim_client_remove|here]] ​
 +== Add the NIM client ==
 +The procedure on how to add a NIM client can also be found [[aixnimclientadd#​aix_nim_client_add|here]] ​
 +== Check the niminfo file ==
 +On creation of a client a new /​etc/​niminfo file should be created. In case this file is wrong, corrupted, not replaced or simply missing you can simply remove it recreate it using the "​smitty niminit"​ command (on the client) and filling in the required values:
 +{{aixniminit.jpg}} ​
 +You can now start your operations like [[aixnim#​update_a_client|updating a client]]. ​
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