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 += BlackBerry AddressBook
 +Well, this doesn'​t work as expected. As long as I don't get this straight this will just be a collection of links and hints.
 += Links
 +[[http://​​eng/​support/​preinstallation/​groupwise.jsp#​tab_tab_step1|A summary of the installation of BlackBerry Enterprise Server in combination with GroupWise]] \\ 
 +[[http://​​btsc/​​cmd=displayKC&​docType=kc&​externalId=KB05182&​sliceId=SAL_Public&​dialogID=17912709&​stateId=1%200%2017906739|KB05182 Synchronize GroupWise System Address Book]] \\
 +[[http://​​featured-blackberry-kb-articles/​1470-kb11608-how-use-clear-sync-groupwise-system-address-book-option-bbmgr.html|KB11608 How to use the Clear and Sync GroupWise System Address Book option in BlackBerry Manager]] \\
 +[[http://​​btsc/​​cmd=displayKC&​docType=kc&​externalId=KB04514|KB04514 Novell GroupWise Frequent Contacts address book should not be synchronized with the BlackBerry smartphone]] \\ 
 +[[http://​​btsc/​​cmd=displayKC&​docType=kc&​externalId=KB03763|KB03736 How to subscribe to an Address Book in the BlackBerry Manager]] ​
 += Sync Times
 +This is somewhere from a forum:
 +New contact entered on BlackBerry Device, took two minutes to sync with groupwise address book, entry show in GWPA log shows "NEW CONTACT"​
 +Creating new contact in GroupWise client doesn'​t sync straight away
 +Disabling Wireless Sync on address book and re-enabling it doesn'​t do it straight away.
 +Toggling on and off the address book sync in PIM sync properties in BlackBerry Manager doesn'​t do it straight away either.
 +Restarting the BB Device didn't do it either lol (i had to try it)
 +so it looks like the sync will wait 4 hours as mentioned before new contacts are present on the device.
 +I did some of these tests as well and have to admit that above statements are true as fas as I can acknowledge. ​
 +{{tag>​phones groupwise unfinished}}
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