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BlackBerry Setup

Setup from a blackberry phone with blackberry enterprise server.

Enterprise Setup

To enable your blackberry within an organization, as in with a BlackBerry Enterprise Server, you can follow the procedures below. After the procedures there are some tips that might get you going a little bit faster.

Enterprise User

The first step is to add a user to the BlackBerry server through the BlackBerry Manager. To do so, open the BlackBerry Manager and select the server on which you want to add the user:
Fill in the name of the user and select the correct one to add:
This will add the user to the list with a status of 'Initializing':

Now you have to set the user Activation Password so the User can activate the BlackBerry:
Since it's a one time password you could just use a simple password. That is also convenient for the user who is probably not so used to the BlackBerry keyboard:

Assign Group

Now you just have to add the user to the correct group:

  1. Select the user you just added and right click
  2. Select 'Assign to group'
  3. Select the correct group

How to make your BlackBerry work

To enable your BlackBerry for your corporate email follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, select 'Options'
  2. Select 'Advanced Options'
  3. Select 'Enterprise Activation'
  4. Select 'Activate'

You will see notices like 'verifying encryption' etc. When the activation is finished it will start synchronizing immediately. When activation and synchronization are complete you get a notice.

Make Your BlackBerry Workable

No Sent Items

By default your BlackBerry shows your sent and received items in one folder. If you don't want to see your sent items in the same folder as your received items follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, select 'Messages'
  2. Press the BlackBerry button and select 'Options'
  3. Select 'General Options'
  4. Set the option 'Hide Sent Messages' to 'Yes'
    Note that you still can see your sent messages following these steps:
  5. In the main menu, select 'Messages'
  6. Press the BlackBerry button and select 'View Folder'
  7. Sroll to the 'Sent Items' folder and press the scroll button to view.

Select folders for Redirection

Again, this is something done in the BlackBerry Manager. Select the user, right click and choose for 'Choose Folders for Redirection': bbsetup06.jpg
Now you can select the folders you want to use for redirection: bbsetup07.jpg

Only "to"

Besides limiting the folders enabled for redirection you also have the option to filter the messages. I only want messages that are indeed for me to be redirected, so only messages that have my name in the “to” field. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. In the main menu, select 'Messages'
  2. Press the BlackBerry button and select 'Options'
  3. Select 'Email Filters'
  4. Press the BlackBerry button and select 'New'
    1. Give the new filter an appropriate name
    2. Check the boxes before 'CC: to me' and 'BCC: to me'
  5. Save the rule

No Calender Alarms

I don't want my calender alarms displayed on my BlackBerry so this is how to remove them:

  1. In the main menu, select 'Calender'
  2. Press the BlackBerry button and select 'Options'
  3. Select 'Desktop'
  4. Set 'Display Reminders' to 'No'

Show My Number

I want people to call me back when they missed my call but I need to enable the 'Show My Number' option:

  1. Press the green button and scroll to the line where you can enter a new number
  2. Press the BlackBerry button and select 'Options'
  3. Select 'General Options'
  4. Set 'Show “My Number”' to 'Yes'
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