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 += BlackBerry Wipe =
 +== Wipe ==
 +The wipe feature is hidden pretty deep in the device to prevent accidental usage of the option. Navigate to the option through these menus:
 +# Go into the main menu
 +# Select the Options menu
 +# Select Security Options
 +# Select General Settings
 +# Press the BlackBerry Menu button
 +# Wipe handheld
 +Then you have to decide if you also want to delete third party software and enter the default password '​blackberry'​.
 +The actual wiping will take about 10 minutes.
 +I tested it on a blackberry 8900.
 +== Check your SIM ==
 +Usually there are just contacts on your SIM. You can't delete them all at once, you'll have to delete them one by one:
 +# Address Book
 +# Press the BlackBerry Menu button
 +# Choose SIM Phone Book
 +# Select the entry you wish to delete
 +# Choose Delete from the menu
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