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 += Bladecenter SOL (Serial Over LAN) =
 +This is how to use SOL (Serial Over LAN) on an [[http://​​systems/​bladecenter/​hardware/​chassis/​bladeh/​index.html|IBM Bladecenter H]]. The point is to access the blade without having to use the graphical Remote Control option. Why? Well, because sometimes the graphical Remote Control option does not [[http://​​systems/​support/​supportsite.wss/​docdisplay?​lndocid=MIGR-5076391&​brandind=5000020|work]]... ​
 += Enable SOL =
 +Log into the Management Module webinterface of the bladecenter,​ and click on "Blade Tasks",​ Followed by "​Serial Over LAN": \\
 +{{sol01.jpg}} \\
 +You can check the SOL settings here, as well as if SOL is enabled for the blade.
 += Use SOL =
 +== Console command ==
 +Log into the Management Module telnet interface, and enter the following command:
 +* console -T blade[X]
 +Where X is the number of the bay the blade is in. So if you want to log into the blade in bay 12, enter:
 +* console -T blade[12]
 +To end a SOL session press [ESC] and ( 
 +== Boot command ==
 +system> boot -T system:​blade[7]
 +{{tag>​hardware network}}
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