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 += Citrix On iPad =
 +I'm not an Apple addict, to say the least, and I'm also not fond of an company telling me what and what not to do but I'm going to VMworld Europe next month and I can borrow an iPad from my company to take notes so I can make a presentation about whatever I'm going to see. So I will be using an iPad next month and I might create some articles about useful usage of an iPad. 
 +To use my companies citrix solution, download and install the "​Citrix Receiver"​ app. Afterwards you can just click the application in the web portal, but unfortunately the keyboard does not show up automatically when you go into a text field as you're used to on an iPad. You van however, tap with three fingers at the same time in the app and the keyboard shows up. Problem solved! ​
 +{{tag>​tscitrix tablets}}
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