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 += CommVault Reports =
 +Commvault has extended possibilities to create reports, but I wanted to start simple, just create a weekly report for the full backup of some specific backup clients and have it emailed to a couple of users so they know the status of the backup of their machines. This is a relative easy task, and start with setting up an email server, then create a custom report and finally creating a schedule.
 += Setting Up the Email Server =
 +Log into the CommCell Console and open the Control Panel. Select the "​E-Mail and IIS Configuration"​ option: \\
 +{{cvreport01.jpg}} \\
 +and fill in the IP-address and SMTP port of your email server. You can also fill in the senders address which could be, for example, "​backupserver@company.local"​.
 += Create a Report =
 +Still in the CommCell Console go to the reports section and select My reports to create a new report: \\
 +{{cvreport02.jpg}} \\
 +This will start a wizard to create a custom report: \\
 +{{cvreport03.jpg}} \\
 +Select Job Summary, and leave the rest default.
 +{{cvreport04.jpg}} \\
 +Select the computers you want to report about.
 +{{cvreport05.jpg}} \\
 +Select the options as shown, this will give the machine administrators an insight view on the status of the backups.
 +{{cvreport06.jpg}} \\
 +Leave everything default.
 +{{cvreport07.jpg}} \\
 +Set the period to the last 24 hours.
 +{{cvreport08.jpg}} \\
 +Leave everything default.
 +{{cvreport09.jpg}} \\
 +When you're done click "Save Template"​ and give the report the same name as you gonna give to the schedule, this will make it clear they belong together.
 +{{cvreport10.jpg}} \\
 +When you're done you have an extra report beneath your "My reports"​.
 += Create a Schedule =
 +Still inside the report you created, click schedule: \\
 +{{cvreport11.jpg}} \\
 +Give the schedule the same name as you gave your report and leave the report as an embedded report. Fill in the email addresses of the administrators of the machines and separate them by a comma. ​
 +**NOTE: There is a minor bug in the software. When you later want to edit the report it shows only one email address. The report is however send to all email addresses you added.** ​
 +{{cvreport12.jpg}} \\
 +Set up the schedule to your needs and press OK.
 +You now have a new schedule... which doesn'​t show up anywhere. Check how to modify the schedule to see the schedule.
 +== Modify a Schedule ==
 +To modify a schedule start the scheduler: \\
 +{{cvreport13.jpg}} \\
 +{{cvreport14.jpg}} \\
 +Leave everything default.
 +{{cvreport15.jpg}} \\
 +Select the day on which the schedule should run and doubleclick it. The number shown tells you how many schedules are planned for that day.
 +{{cvreport16.jpg}} \\
 +Here you can right click the schedule you created and select edit to modify it.
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