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 += eDirectory 8.8.2 Installation =
 +These are notes from installing eDirectory 8.8.2 on an OES server some time ago. I came across these notes and they might come in hand sometime:
 += Pre Installation =
 +SLP installeren:​ rpm -ivh "slp RPM van eDir882.iso"​
 +SLP starten: /​etc/​init.d/​slpuasa start
 +NICI installeren:​ rpm -ivh "nici rpm van eDir882.iso"​
 +NICI initialiseren:​ ln -sf /​var/​opt/​novell/​nici /​var/​novell/​nici
 +NICI servermode: /​var/​opt/​novell/​nici/​set_server_mode
 += eDirectory Installation =
 +From the eDir882.iso:​
 +eDir installatie:​ ./​nds-install ​
 + Novell eDirectory Server
 + Novell eDirectory Administration Utilities
 += Export Environment Variables =
 +* vi /​etc/​bash.bashrc.local
 + . /​opt/​novell/​eDirectory/​bin/​ndspath
 += Create New Tree =
 +ndsconfig new -t SHIFT-TREE -n SERVICES.SHIFT -a admin.SHIFT -S SERVER01
 +* admin.SHIFT:​ ww: beheer
 +Keep all other options default
 += Results: =
 +Config File    : /​etc/​opt/​novell/​eDirectory/​conf/​nds.conf
 +Instance Location ​    : /​var/​opt/​novell/​eDirectory/​data
 +DIB Location ​         : /​var/​opt/​novell/​eDirectory/​data/​dib
 +sles10:~ # cat /​etc/​opt/​novell/​eDirectory/​conf/​nds.conf
 +https.server.cached-cert-dn=SSL CertificateIP - SERVER01.SERVICES.SHIFT
 +{{tag>​install edirectory linux}}
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