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 += Vmware ESXTOP =
 +Esxtop allows monitoring and collection of data for all system resources: CPU, memory, disk and network. When used interactively,​ this data can be viewed on different types of screens; one each for CPU statistics, memory statistics, network statistics, disk adapter statistics, ​ disk device statistics, disk  VM  statistics and interrupt statistics.
 += Starting ESXTOP =
 +== Switching View ==
 +You can switch view in esxtop using these characters:
 +* c: cpu
 +* m: memory
 +* d: disk
 +* n: network
 += Modifying ESXTOP =
 +== Extra Columns ==
 +Say you want to show the ZERO pages in the Memory page:
 +* Go to the memory page (m)
 +* Type f to get an overview of available columns
 +* Type m to select the COW columns (Now you get ZERO and a couple of other columns as well) and enter to go back to the memory overview. ​
 +== Just Virtual Machines ==
 +If you want to see esxtop just for Virtual machines launch it, and type V for only VMs. Type V again to view everything again. ​
 += Resources =
 +[[http://​​docs/​DOC-11812|ESXTOP bible]] \\
 +[[http://​​esxtop/​|ESXTOP on Yellow-bricks]]:​ Shorter and more practical article
 +{{tag>​vmware tools}}
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