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How To Merge Cells in EverNote Client for Windows

After some searching and trying to merge some cells in an evernote table I came to the conclusion that without 3rd party tools it's impossible to edit a table in the EverNote client for Windows. It is only possible to add or remove columns and rows. It's not possible to set the column width or to merge cells and that was exactly what I wanted. I finally found a simple solution:

  • Copy the table to Word
  • Make the required changes
  • Copy the table back to EverNote

Although this sounds simple, there are a few catches:

  • After you paste the table, it looks a little bit different:
    • It does not have the size of the complete note anymore, it is the size of your word document now
      • If that's a problem you can try to widen the table to set the page in Word as landscape instead of portrait and add text to at least one row for all columns
  • You can't add columns to the table anymore
    • (but you can add rows)
  • Checkboxes can not be checked, they are considered pictures now. If you need them, you need to remove the pictures and re-add the checkboxes

That's about all I found. Let's just hope this functionality will be added to EverNote soon.

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