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 += Firefox Distribution =
 +== Introduction ==
 +This is a small tutorial on how to distribute firefox in a corporate environment. That's not so easy because the proxy settings (quite important within companies) are in a file in the profile, which on it's turn is in a directory that's created during the install with a //random// string. So you can't just copy the correct file to the correct location. The distribution software used is ZENworks, but this article doesn'​t really cover ZENworks. For more information on applications and ZENworks check this articles: [[zenworksapplications]]. The application type used for firefox installation is simple.
 +== Installation ==
 +* Install firefox manually
 +* Start firefox and make the required changes:
 +** Proxy settings
 +** Bookmarks
 +** Startpage
 +* Close firefox and copy the directory %appdata%\mozilla\firefox to your distribution share.
 +** %appdata% directs you most of the times to C:​\Documents and Settings\<​username>​\Application Data
 +* Add the firefox executable to the distribution share.
 +* Add any desired extensions to the distribution share.
 +== Distribution ==
 +Create a simple application pointing to the firefox executable in the distribution share and make these changes to the application object: \\
 +{{firefox-runoptions.jpg}} \\
 +{{firefox-launchscripts.jpg}} \\
 +The complete scripts is this:
 +xcopy "​Q:​\NAL\Firefox_303\Firefox"​ "​%appdata%\mozilla\firefox"​ /e /y /i /c /d
 +"​c:​\program files\mozilla firefox\firefox"​ -install-global-extension adblock_plus-
 +@echo off
 +color A
 +Echo "​Firefox is done installing!"​
 +Note that the messages for the end user are in Dutch, you might want to change that for your own users!
 +==== Thanx ====
 +A thank you goes to the author of this [[http://​​coolsolutions/​tip/​15693.html|article]],​ which has lead me to this solution.
 += Other Resources =
 +[[http://​​mcs/​FirefoxADM/​Readme.htm|Firefox distribution in AD environment]] \\
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