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 += Firewall GPO =
 +This is how to configure the firewall of your workstations in a domain. There are two configs, one for computers connected to the domain and one for computers who are not connected to the domain, for example, a laptop user working at home.
 +== Connected ==
 +If a workstation is connected to the domain it means it's in a secure trusted network. This means you can turn the firewall off: \\
 +{{firewallgpodomain.jpg}} \\
 +== Not connected ==
 +If a workstation is not connected to the domain it means it's in an untrusted network. Which means we'll have to turn the firewall on. Because in my case my users have to be able to configure extra exceptions I already have some basic exceptions configured, but also allow my users to create extra exceptions: \\
 +{{firewallgpostandard01.jpg}} \\
 +Define Program exceptions: \\
 +{{firewallgpostandard02.jpg}} \\
 +Allow ICMP exceptions: \\
 +{{firewallgpostandard03.jpg}} \\
 +Define Port exceptions: \\
 +{{firewallgpostandard04.jpg}} \\
 +{{tag>​windows security network gpo}}
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