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 += Fix: AIX: Sendmail: Gethostbyaddr ipv6 Failed =
 +I got these errors in my syslog server after installing new AIX servers on (almost) the latest Technology Levels, for as well AIX 5.3 as for AIX 6.1:
 +message forwarded from aixbox: sendmail[475316]:​ gethostbyaddr(ipv6:::​1) failed: 1
 +It turned out that since a few technology levels ago sendmail has become IPv6 aware and is now not able to resolve hosts over IPv6. It is solvable by editing these two files and adding the showed lines:
 +* /etc/hosts
 +::1 loopback localhost
 +* /​etc/​netsvc.conf
 +hosts=local,​bind4 ​
 +This solved the problem, no restart needed of anything. The messages just disappeared. ​
 += Resources =
 +[[https://​​support/​docview.wss?​uid=isg3T1012061|IBM Technote]] \\
 +{{tag>​fix aix email}}
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