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 += Fix: Error 126 when installing pdf creation tools
 +I received error 126 when trying to install CutePDF. I never had any problems with the tool, but being unable to resolve the error I tried to install PDFCreator, which failed as well, with the same error. According to [[http://​​kb/​319114|Microsofts Solution]] you have to replace the framedyn.dll which seamed a little weird to me, but I tried it anyway. It didn't solve it because this error 126 is related to the printer path driver and not the wbem path. 
 +My solution is to install the PDF driver manually, which I did like this for PDFCreator:
 +* Go to Start -> Settings -> Printers and add a printer
 +* Select a "Local Printer attached to this computer"​ and uncheck the automatically detect option
 +* Use the existing PDFCreator port
 +* When prompted for a driver select disk -> browse and select the correct driver: ​
 +** C:\Program Files\PDFCreator\gs8.64\gs8.64\lib\ghostpdf.inf (path may be a little different depending on the driver version you're installing)
 +* Ignore warnings about the driver not being digitally signed by Microsoft
 +You should have a new printer now you can use to convert your documents to pdf.
 +{{tag>​fix windows}}
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