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 += Fix: CommVault: Invalid CS Cache
 +I wanted to update a CommVault client and received this error:
 +It appears that CS cache is corrupt, delete the cache, download updates again and retry.
 +And when I checked the updates configuration in the commcell console I saw a message confirming that the CommServe Cache was invalid:
 +{{cvcache01.jpg}} ​
 +The steps to solve this are the following:
 +# Manually delete the entire directory and recreate the directory
 +# Login to the CommCell Browser, right-click the CommServe icon, click All Tasks -> Download Automatic Updates.
 +# From the Download Updates Job Options dialog box, click Run Immediately
 +This will start the download from the updates if you have the updateserver configured. When the downloads are complete you will have a valid CommServe Cache again:
 +{{cvcache02.jpg}} ​
 +{{tag>​fix backup}}
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