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 += Fix: Secldapclntd Load Error =
 +When you're trying to configure the LDAP client daemon on an AIX 5.3 64 bits system you could run into this error"
 +Could not load program secldapclntd:​
 +        Dependent module libibmldap.a could not be loaded.
 +Could not load module libibmldap.a.
 +System error: No such file or directory
 +This error is caused because you have the 64 bits LDAP client installed. Uninstall the 64 bits client and install the 32 bits client and the daemon will start.
 +Uninstall the 64 bits client:
 +  installp -u idsldap.clt64bit61.rte
 +Perform the installation of the 32 bits client through smitty.
 +For more information about installing the LDAP client on an AIX system see [[aixldapedirectory]].
 +{{tag>​fix aix}} 
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