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 += GroupWise 8 Internet Free Busy information =
 +This is a follow-up on [[groupwise8calendarpublishing]] and describes how to enable your users to publish their free busy information on the internet so users outside your groupwise system can free busy search your users calenders.
 +== Enabling Internet Free Busy information
 +To enable internet free busy you should set your POA to allow that. How that's done is already described in [[groupwise8calendarpublishing]] so isn't described here anymore. Users should enable publishing of their free busy information for themselves. Depending on how you configured the POA it could be already on. To change the setting go to Tools -> Options and click Calendar in the new window: \\
 +{{gwfreebusy01.jpg}} \\
 +There is also an option to send your free busy information to users you would like to receive the free busy information. Simply click the "Send Free/Busy Publish Location"​ button and you can send the information in the same way as you would with an email. This email will look like this: \\
 +{{gwfreebusy02.jpg}} \\
 +== Using the Free Busy Information =
 +=== Import the Free Busy Information ===
 +If a user receives an email with free busy information they should import it with the contact information of that user. Open up the contact person and go to the details tab: \\
 +{{gwfreebusy03.jpg}} \\
 +Simply copy paste the url to the correct space.
 +=== Schedule a Meeting ===
 +To schedule a meeting using the free busy information you should do nothing different then normal. Simply schedule a meeting, select the contact and click free busy: \\
 +{{gwfreebusy04.jpg}} \\
 +As you can see the selected user is already busy on the selected time. You should select a different time!
 +== Using the Free Busy Information in MS Outlook ==
 +Well, I don't have this working yet... I posted in [[http://​​novell-product-support-forums/​groupwise/​groupwise-8x/​gw8-clients/​355378-groupwise-free-busy-information-outlook.html| the Novell Forums]] but so far no responses... :(
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