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 += GroupWise 8 Share Home View =
 +This is originally not my article, this is the source: [[http://​​connectionmagazine/​2008/​12/​sharing_home_views_groupwise_8_tips.html|Novell Connection Magazine]] ​
 +I did make some changes though... I've cut out all the nonsense and promo talk, so it's just a simple how-to now. 
 +== Sharing your Home View ==
 +or any other view, is as easy as sending an e-mail. Here's how to share:
 +# Customize your Home View and save your display settings (View | Display Settings | Save Current).
 +# Display the view you want to share. (View | Display Settings | Select).
 +# From the Main Menu, select View | Display Settings | Send Current.
 +# Address the pre-populated message and add a subject.
 +# Click Send.
 +== Importing a Saved Home View ==
 +Don't worry. Once you send the e-mail with your saved Home View settings, you won't need to follow up to make sure your co-worker can import the settings.
 +The pre-populated message includes instructions for how to import the view. But, just in case you want to know, here's how to import:
 +# Open the message that includes the display settings attachment.
 +# Right click the attachment.
 +# Select Import Display Settings.
 +# Navigate to your Home View.
 +# Right click the Home tab in the Nav bar, or right click the Home folder in your folder list.
 +# Select Properties.
 +# Click the Display tab.
 +# Select the imported display setting from the Setting name drop down box.
 +# Click OK.
 +This is the email that will be sent: \\
 +{{groupwise8sharehomeview.jpg}} \\
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