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 += GroupWise 8 Vacation Rule  =
 +In GroupWise 8 there'​s a new functionality added to the rules. There is a new concept called the vacation rule. Problem was with the former GroupWise 7 client users could forget to turn it off (see [[groupwiseoutofoffice|here]] for a workaround). In GroupWise 8 there is a special pre formatted rule to prevent this from happening, and even better, the vacation is automatically added to your calender so your co-workers know you're not in the office.
 += Vacation Rule
 +In the GroupWise 8 client go to tools -> Vacation Rule which will give you this window: \\
 +{{groupwise8vacationrule.jpg}} \\
 +As you can see there'​s an end date of your vacation and you can select whether you also want to reply to external users. You might want to change the message though ;)
 +Also note that the vacation will be added to your calender: \\
 +{{groupwise8vacationrulecalender.jpg}} \\
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