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 += GroupWise Client Lockout =
 +After a groupwise update you wanna make sure all your users will update to the latest version. Below you can read how to set this, and how you can prepare for this change. After all, you don't want to receive too many calls!
 +== Setting the Lockout ==
 +You can force the minimum client version in the post office object properties: \\
 +{{gwclientlockout-poasetting.jpg}} \\
 +Just change the setting to the desired level and you're done.
 +== Prepare ==
 +If you want to know how many of your users are already updates you can see in the [[groupwisewebconsole]] on what version the logged in users are. Because the overview won't give you an actual number of percentage you can change the color of potential locked out clients:
 +* Log in to the web console
 +* Go to configuration
 +* Scroll down to "​Enforce Lockout on Older GroupWise Clients":​ \\
 +{{gwclientlockout-poaoverview1.jpg}} \\
 +**Do not set the "​Enforce Lockout"​ because this will already lockout outdated clients!** ​
 +After setting this go back to status and click "C/S Users"​. Potential locked out clients will turn up in red: \\
 +{{gwclientlockout-poaoverview2.jpg}} \\
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