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GroupWise Client Rollout

If you don't mind forcing a new client upon your users you can use the SDD options. If you don't want to force an update, or simply don't want to use the SDD to update your clients there are always more options for you. This tutorial explains how to install the GroupWise client at your users workstations with use of MSI technology. It is tested (by me) on GroupWise 7 SP3 as well as GroupWise 8. The screenshots are made with the GroupWise 7 SP3 installation software, I saw one minor change with GroupWise 8 but nothing to make new screenshots for.

Rollout your Groupwise client in these steps:

  1. Create a .mst file with groupwise tuner
  2. Create a simple application object
  3. Configure your application object
  4. What more
    1. Rights
    2. Associate

Create a .mst File With Groupwise Tuner

In your software distribution directory you'll find the following tool: software\admin\utility\GWTUNER\gwtuner.exe. You can use it to tune your installation of groupwise. Follow these steps:
Note that you need the select the root of the client install, not the win32 directory.
Setup if you want shortcuts and if you want notify to start automatically.
gwtuner3.jpg gwtuner4.jpg gwtuner5.jpg
Deassociate all applications. Most of them work already through the OS.
Done. You can find your .mst file in the win32 directory in the directory you selected in the first step. It's called groupwise.mst.

Create a Simple Application Object

In consoleone select the container where the application has to reside and then click New Application, and select a simple application:
Select msiexec.exe as the application to start:
Follow the directions for the other options.

Configure Your Application Object

After creating you have to make sure you install groupwise. you do that in this tab:
Depending on what kind of object you're creating set up the following parameters:
Simple update (keep all settings):

msiexec -i groupwise.msi /passive REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS

Remove groupwise:

msiexec -x groupwise.msi /passive

Install groupwise (groupwise should not already be installed, otherwise it's still a simple update and the .mst settings will be ignored):

msiexec -i groupwise.msi /passive TRANSFORMS="GwEngNlDef.mst" REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS

Don't forget to configure some more, like the correct name and icon:
Make sure it also appears in the right folder:

What more

Make sure your users have read rights to the directory the install files are located, which is the place you selected in step 1 with GWTUNER. Also make sure you associate your users with the object:

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