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 += GroupWise Client Tips And Tricks =
 +This page holds some small tips and tricks for the GroupWise Client and holds an overview of existing full documentation of the GroupWise Client.
 += Full Documentation =
 +[[groupwise8sharehomeview]] \\
 +[[groupwise8vacationrule]] \\
 += Address Book Tips =
 +GroupWise 8 has two main address book components, the component included in the GroupWise client and the standalone address book. Novell'​s intention is to make the standalone edition unnecessary,​ but for now some of the settings and functionality is divided and can only be performed using one of the components.
 +== Autocomplete ==
 +The settings for the GroupWise autocomplete function are located in the standalone utility:
 +* Click on Tools in the menu bar and select "​Address Book".
 +* In the new window, click on File and select "Name Completion Search Order":​ \\
 +{{groupwiseaddressbook.jpg}} \\
 +Here you have the possibility to disable name completion, which books should be searched and which book should be searched first.
 +== Create a Group From an Email ==
 +If you have an email which has a list of receivers of which you want to create a group for, open the email and click "reply to all". This will create a new email in which you can click on the address book button. This will open the address book with the recipients of the email already selected. Now click on the "​Create Group" button on the right below, and you'll have to select the address book in which you want to create the group. When selected you can assign the group a name and add comment.
 += Attachment Tips =
 +== Search Folder - Only Attachments ==
 +To create a search folder with all the emails containing attachments perform the following steps:
 +* Select the folder in which you want to create the new search folder, go to File -> New -> Folder and select "Find Results Folder",​ and subselect the default of "​Custom Find Results Folder"​.
 +* Give the new folder a name, for example: "​attachments"​.
 +* Select the folders in which to search
 +* Click "​Advanced Find" below on the right, and fill in the fields as displayed below: \\
 +{{groupwiseattachmentlist.jpg}} \\
 +* Finish the wizard and keep everything default or change to your own needs.
 +== Default Folder For Saving Attachments ==
 +* Go to Tools -> Options -> Environment -> File location tab and fill in your desired destination under "Save, Check out": \\
 +{{groupwiseattachmentdefault.jpg}} \\
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