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GroupWise Internet Domains


This is a step by step guide to introduce multiple internet domain names in groupwise. In case you run bordermanager mail proxy there's also the directions to adjust these settings. Steps include:

  1. Adjusting the groupwise system
  2. Adjusting the groupwise internet agent
  3. Adjusting bordermanager mail proxy

Groupwise System

Open consoleone, click on “Groupwise System”, and click Tools. Select Groupwise System Operations and proceed to Internet Adressing:
Select create and add the extra internet domain name. Don't forget to define the default GWIA:


Now we have to set the foreign id in the GWIA defined as the default for the new internet domain. Open consoleone and select your GWIA, then open the properties:

See the screenshot below for the foreign id field. Foreign ids can be added by simply adding a space and then the domain name. There's a maximum of 124 characters. In case you need more you can use the file FRGNAMES.CFG in the domein\wpgate\gwia directory. domein\wpgate\gwia\FRGNAMES.CFG example:
<empty line>

In case you use this option you'll have to leave the foreign id field empty:

Bordermanager Mail Proxy

Go to sys:/etc/proxy and open the file proxy.cfg and add the lines including the [header] and add the domains you need:

[Extra Configuration]

[Multiple Domain Support]
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