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GroupWise Top Down Rebuild

Prior to performing major and or minor updates and upgrades to your groupwise system, and when your groupwise system is having trouble, you should perform a top down rebuild of your groupwise system. This is to ensure that all of your data is correct and you experience no corruption. This is especially important before support packs upgrades and version upgrades. They could convert your database to a new version which could spell disaster when there is corruption. The manual given here is tested on a single domain and postoffice groupwise 7, also giving the times it took on various sizes of the database, and taken from the Novell TID found at the bottom. Before major operations (like this one), always make a copy/backup of your data!

DOMAIN Rebuild

Unload all groupwise agents and start consoleone. Go to your primary domain, and select System Maintenance:
Select Rebuild Database:
Then change the path the rebuild database is written to:
On a brand new groupwise system, updated from groupwise 7 to SP2 to SP3 it took only a few seconds. On a 60 MB domain in an environment where there are a lot of changes and a secondary domain it still took just a few seconds, 10 at most. Afterwards you have to close consoleone, rename the old gwdomain.db, and move the new gwdomain.db to your domain directory.


Keep your agents closed and restart consoleone. Go to your post office and select System Maintenance:
Select Rebuild Database:
Then change the path the rebuild database is written to:
On a postoffice with only 5 users with each only a few emails it took only a few seconds. On a postoffice with 200 users and a database over 80 GB it still took just a few seconds, 10 at most. Afterwards you have to rename the old gwpo.db, and move the new gwpo.db to your post office directory.

Don't forget to start your agents again, and test them.

Source: Novell TID

Secondary Domains and Post Offices

After you've rebuild your primary domain you can also rebuild your secondary domains. For the domain everything is exactly the same, but before you van rebuild your secondary post office please make sure you connect to your secondary domain first. To do so, in ConsoleOne select your GroupWise System and click on Tools → GroupWise System Operations → Select Domain.

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