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GroupWise Update

This is a global article on how to update your GroupWise system. All the statements here are valid for both support pack updates as well as version upgrades. This is tested through:

  • support pack update from 7 SP2 to 7 SP3
  • version upgrade from 7 SP3 to 8

If some statement is only valid for supportpack update or version upgrade it will be noted in bold.

Always keep in mind you have to upgrade the primary domain before you can upgrade anything else. Per domain you should first update the MTA(s), then the POA(s), and then proceed with the other agents and gateways.


There are a few tasks which can be done in advance, which will save you time during the actual update, which means less downtime.

  • Update your Software Distribution Directory (SDD)
  • Make a copy of your groupwise system
  • Document your entire system, especially your GWIA settings
    • GWIA should be updated with copyonly switch to maintain settings. With version upgrades this is not supported. You should delete the GWIA and install a fresh one. If you install a new one over an old one you'll loose your settings, so you should always keep your system, and especially your GWIA documented.
    • An easy way to document most of your settings is to go into the Groupwise web console and click the configuration link. You can copy paste the information into a spreadsheet. This documents mosts of your settings but you might want to go through the tabs and note if all of your important information is there.


  • Perform a top down rebuild of your groupwise system
  • In addition to closing all the agents, as done in the top down rebuild, also close your Anti Virus products. This will speed up your update.
  • Update your POA and MTA
    • Default listen port POA: 1677
    • Default message transfer port POA: 7101
    • Default message transfer port MTA: 7100
    • You'll need to have the names of the domain and the post office
  • Update your GWIA with the /copyonly switch (only with support pack updates; install a new GWIA when you're upgrading to a new version)
    • Default message transfer port: 7102
    • Default listen port SMTP: 25
  • Update your Webaccess
    • Default listen port: 7205
    • Default secure Webaccess url:
    • Note that you need an account to access the netware server where the MTA and the POA are running.
  • If necessary, adjust your autoexec.ncf according to your new needs
  • Reboot your server
  • Test your system


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