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 += Grow VMFS Datastore with NetApp OnCommand Storage Manager=
 +This is a rewrite of a previous article about [[growvmfsdatastore|growing VMFS datastores]]. That article was a combination with NetApp'​s OnTap 7.3.4, but we upgraded that to 8.1... and now [[https://​​ecmdocs/​ECMM1277848/​html/​rnote/​GUID-8162DC06-C922-4D03-A8F7-0BA76F6939CB.html|FilerView is no longer supported (NetApp login required)]],​ which means we had to switch to a different tool, and NetApp recommendation was using the "​NetApp OnCommand Storage Manager 2.0.1"​. \\
 +So just a short recall, to resize a datastore we first need to resize the volume and LUN, after which we can resize increase the size of the datastore which is an unchanged procedure.
 += Increase Volume and LUN Size =
 +After you've checked for anough available space at the aggregate the volume resides in, you can select the volume in the OnCommand Storage Manager and click the resize button: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastorenoc01.jpg}} \\
 +This will start the "​Volume Resize Wizard",​ and you can click '​Next'​ on the welcome page. You're now presented with a graphical overview in which you can set the new size: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastorenoc02.jpg}} \\
 +After clicking '​Next'​ you are presented with the option to delete snapshot copies to free up space. Since we only use snapshots on replicated volumes and these snapshot are cleaned up automatically you can click next here. You can now review your changes and click '​Next'​ to resize the volume. When the resizing is done you can click '​Finish'​ to close the wizard. \\
 +Now you've resized the volume you can also resize the LUN. Just select the LUN and click the edit button: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastorenoc03.jpg}} \\
 +This will provide you with an window for editing the LUN in which you can simply change the required size: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastorenoc04.jpg}} \\
 +Now just click 'Save and Close' to change the size of the LUN.
 +Now you can resize the datastore in vCenter, which is still the same process as it was before:
 += Increase VMFS Datastore Size =
 +In vCenter, select a host with access to the current datastore, and go to the configuration tab to select the storage section. After clicking on the '​devices'​ view you can see the LUN you've resized. Note that the new size is not yet visible. You can click refresh (or Rescan All) after which the new size of the LUN is visible. \\
 +> Note: The hosts scan the storage once every while (depending on the version of vSphere) so it could be that you don't need to refresh the storage to see the new size.
 +{{growvmfsdatastore07.jpg}} \\
 +Then click on the '​datastores'​ view and click Properties: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastore08.jpg}} \\
 +This will show you the properties of the datastore and gives you an option to increase the size: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastore09.jpg}} \\
 +After clicking the increase option you'll be shown a wizard. In the first window you should select the current device the datastore resides on. Selecting another device will add an extent which is not what we want. My LUN has lunid 201 so select that one and click next: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastore10.jpg}} \\
 +In the next window you are shown what will be done regarding to the current layout. As you can see the free space is gonna be used to expand the VMFS volume: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastore11.jpg}} \\
 +Select here how much of the newly added space will be used: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastore12.jpg}} \\
 +Review all options and if you're sure this is what you want click finish: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastore13.jpg}} \\
 +Now you can see the increased capacity and that it's still one extent: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastore14.jpg}} \\
 +The increased capacity also shows in the '​Datastores'​ view: \\
 +{{growvmfsdatastore15.jpg}} \\
 +Now the datastore has grown you can move VMs to it using Storage vMotion. ​
 +> Note: If you prefer working from the datastore view that's also possible. Just select the datastore and navigate to the configuration tab, where you'll find the same properties button as shown above.
 +{{tag>​netapp storage}}
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