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 += Fix: IBM X Systems IMM/RSA Java Requirements =
 +We use IBM X systems, in this case a x3650 M2 and the java requirements for the IMM / RSA are a bit vague. I finally came across [[http://​​support/​entry/​portal/​docdisplay?​lndocid=MIGR-5083262|this]] IBM support page where workaround 2 solved the problem. That would be doing this:
 +== Workaround 2: ==
 +* Add the IMM Internet Protocol (IP) address to the local intranet secure sites:
 +* From IE, select Tools --> Internet Options --> Security tab --> Local intranet --> "​Sites"​ button --> "​Advanced"​ button.
 +* Add the IP address of the IMM: http://​ (default)
 +* Clear the "​Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" check box.
 +* Select Close.
 +* Select OK.
 +* Select OK.
 +* Press F5 to refresh IE.
 +* Click Remote control.
 +*  Click "Start Remote Control in Single User Mode" or "Start Remote Control in Multi-User Mode."
 +The Java window will start with the remote control session and the Virtual Media Session.
 +{{tag>​hardware fix}}
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