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 += iChain NCP Logon =
 +This is a small howto on logging on to iChain to make it possible to perform administrative tasks on iChain. Basically you'll have to do some configuration changes on the iChain box before you can login and use something like ConsoleOne.
 +These are the steps to take:
 +# Unlock the console
 +# Enable NCP
 +# Logon
 += Unlock the Console =
 +Unlocking the console consists of two steps:
 +# Unlock the console
 +# Enable the debugging mode
 +Because you're not logged in on the box you need physical access to the box (or through a DRAC, ILO or similar solution).
 +Type the following commands:
 +* unlock
 +** followed by your iChain admin password
 +* debug
 +** the password for debug mode is proxydebug
 +You should now get a message "Debug Mode ON" as shown in the screenshot: \\
 +{{ichainncplogon01.jpg}} \\
 +Remember that this is the proxy server console, and not the system console. If you try to type commands here you'll receive a warning like "​Invalid command - command handler not found"​. Before you can continue with the next section you'll have to switch to the system console, which is mostly like NetWare. Switching is done with CTRL + ESC and then choosing 1 for "​System Console":​ \\
 +{{ichainncplogon02.jpg}} \\
 += Enable NCP =
 +There are two ways to enable NCP. First one is by editing the tune.ncf file. This should only be done if you want to enable NCP access permanently,​ which is quite a security risk. It's better to load the needed modules and set the necessary parameters by hand:
 +ICS_SERVER:​load c:​\nwserver\ncpip.old ​                                          
 +Loading Module NCPIP.OLD ​                                        ​[ ​    ​OK ​    ​] ​
 +ICS_SERVER:​set ncp include ip addresses = all                                   
 +NCP Include IP Addresses is set to: ALL                                         
 +ICS_SERVER:​set ncp exclude ip addresses = none                                  ​
 +NCP Exclude IP Addresses is set to: NONE                                        ​
 +ICS_SERVER:​set ncp over udp = on                                                ​
 +NCP over UDP set to ON                                                          ​
 +ICS_SERVER: ​                                                                    
 +Note that you need to load the NCPIP module first. Usually this one is called ncpip.nlm. For security reasons, on iChain, it's called ncpip.old.
 +It may take a while (sometimes up to 5 minutes), but eventually the TREE will show up and you will be able to login.
 += Logon =
 +You can use these credentials to log on to the network:
 +User: ichainadmin
 +Password: novell
 +context: ics
 +{{ichainncplogon03.jpg}} \\
 +After login you can start ConsoleOne or any other administrative tool.
 += Afterwards =
 +After you've done what you need to do please remember to unload ncpip.old, and set the parameters the way they used to be. Also, don't forget to lock the proxy server console. ​
 += Resources =
 +== Tune.ncf ==
 +; TUNE.NCF for iChain 2.2
 +Set Sound Bell For Alerts=OFF
 +set auto tts backout flag=on
 +set developer option=off
 +; these settings disable the NCP listner on port 524 for the public interfaces.
 +SET NCP Include IP Addresses = NONE
 +SET NCP Exclude IP Addresses = ALL
 +SET NCP over UDP = OFF
 +; To enable NCP access, uncomment the following lines, or enter them at the server prompt.
 +; SET NCP Include IP Addresses = ALL
 +; SET NCP Exclude IP Addresses = NONE
 +; SET NCP over UDP = ON
 +; To enable RDB access, uncomment the following lines, or enter them at the server prompt.
 +;for streaming testing to tune small ecbs 
 +; ADDED FOR 2.2
 +; TCP settings
 +set tcp delayed acknowledgement=off
 +set tcp nagle algorithm=off
 +set tcp sack option = off
 +; ADDED FOR 2.2
 +; Remove reply to nearest server
 +set Reply To Get Nearest Server = OFF
 +; ADDED FOR 2.2
 +; Service Process Parameters
 +set minimum service processes=500
 +set maximum service processes=1000
 +set new service process wait time=0.3
 +;Change made for the Memory Fragmentation Issue
 +nss /​CacheBalance=1
 +== Sources ==
 +[[http://​​documentation/​ichain23/​ichain23/​index.html?​page=/​documentation/​ichain23/​ichain23/​data/​ac113hg.html|Novell Documentation]] ​
 +{{tag>​netware security network}}
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