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Identity Manager Activation

Identity Manager needs to be activated to be able to use it for more then 90 days. Default the drivers and the product works for 90 days and then stops. To prevent this you need to activate it, which counts for the bundle edition as for the full edition. In this small howto we activate Identity Manager bundle edition with a ZENworks 7 license. Though getting the activation code differs from the full product, the activation it self is the same for both products. Novell TID about getting the activation code
Novell Customer Care
Novell IdM Activation Code

Getting the Activation Code

First you need to log in to the Novell Customer Care center. You'll need a Novell account for that. After you log in go to the subscription area and select ZENworks. You'll see something like this:

  • Note the code (which is grayed out in the screenshot)

Log in into the Novell IdM Activation Code website. Use your Novell account for this one as well. Enter the code:
In the new page you get the chance to download the activation file. Save it to a secure place by clicking the “Proceed to download” button:
If you open the activation file you'll see the actual activation code. You need to copy the entire message, including the begin and end lines:

Activating Identity Manager

To activate Identity Manager open iManager and go to your driver set. Right from the driver set name you'll see a text button called activation. Click on it to get these options:
Select the “Activation Installation” and you'll get a popup with the activation wizard. Following the directions should be pretty straight forward:

And done. Your drivers will now work beyond the 90 day limit.

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