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 += Identity Manager and Converting Multi-Valued Attributes to Single-Valued Attributes =
 +This is an article on how to combine multiple values from a multi-valued attribute into a single valued attribute. This is required when you have multiple values in for example the Location or Room Number in eDirectory.
 += Symptom =
 +We are first going to see what goes wrong:
 +== One value ==
 +When we populate the location field in iManager for a synchronized user the value gets synced as well:
 +Enter the single value in iManager:
 +{{idmmultivalue01.jpg}} \\
 +And the value get synced to Active Directory:
 +{{idmmultivalue02.jpg}} \\
 +== Two values ==
 +Now we first remove the original value (make sure the removal of the attribute gets synchronized) and then add two values to the attribute:
 +{{idmmultivalue03.jpg}} \\
 +But the value doesn'​t sync through:
 +{{idmmultivalue04.jpg}} \\
 +But in the dstrace log we see an error:
 +<code xml>
 +13:07:48 AD-driver ST:
 +DirXML Log Event -------------------
 +Driver: \SHIFT-TREE\shift\AD-driver\AD-driver
 +Channel: Subscriber
 +Object: \SHIFT-TREE\shift\SHIFTUSERS\SjoerdH
 +Status: Error
 +Message: <​ldap-err ldap-rc="​20"​ ldap-rc-name="​LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_OR_VALUE_EXISTS">​
 +   <​client-err ldap-rc="​20"​ ldap-rc-name="​LDAP_ATTRIBUTE_OR_VALUE_EXISTS">​Attribute Or Value Exists</​client-err>​
 +   <​server-err>​00002081:​ AtrErr: DSID-030F10D6,​ #1:
 +   0: 00002081: DSID-030F10D6,​ problem 1006 (ATT_OR_VALUE_EXISTS),​ data 0, Att 13 (physicalDeliveryOfficeName)
 +   <​server-err-ex win32-rc="​8321"/>​
 += Solution =
 +To solve this issue we need to create a new policy, and in that policy we have to create three rules:
 +* Setup Local Variable
 +* Concatenate Values
 +* Remove Values If Needed
 +First I'll show you each rule individually and after that the end result.
 +== Create Policy ==
 +The policy has to be created in the "Event Transformation Policies":​
 +{{idmmultivalue05.jpg}} \\
 +Click '​Insert'​ and provide the required values:
 +{{idmmultivalue06.jpg}} \\
 +== Setup Local Variable ==
 +We first create a simple rule that creates a local variable that is a nodeset of the L (location) attribute:
 +{{idmmultivalue07.jpg}} \\
 +== Concatenate Values ==
 +The second rule is a bit more complex. The conditions are still simple:
 +{{idmmultivalue08.jpg}} \\
 +But the actions are a bit more complicated. Below I show you first the complete action list, and then I explain the first and third one a bit more in depth:
 +{{idmmultivalue09.jpg}} \\
 +The first action is not even entirely visible. Click on the 'Edit the Actions'​ button. Now you see that 'for each' value you create a local variable called lvlocationoffice:​
 +{{idmmultivalue10.jpg}} \\
 +And again, this time the arguments, are not entirely visible. Click on the 'Edit the arguments'​. Here you set the variable to itself, followed by a comma, a space, and a special value called '​current-node'​. The current-node is the attribute value for the specific increment the loop is on:
 +{{idmmultivalue11.jpg}} \\
 +The third actions needs a more in depth view of the arguments, if you click 'Edit the arguments'​ you can edit the verb '​Replace First'​. Don't forget that you're replacing a comma and a space:
 +{{idmmultivalue12.jpg}} \\
 +== Remove Values If Needed ==
 +Needed in case it's a "​remove all values"​ event":​
 +{{idmmultivalue13.jpg}} \\
 +== End Result ==
 +=== iManager view ===
 +{{idmmultivalue14.jpg}} \\
 +=== XML ===
 +<code xml>
 +<?xml version="​1.0"​ encoding="​UTF-8"?><​policy>​
 + <​rule>​
 + <​description>​Setup Local variable</​description>​
 + <​conditions>​
 + <​or>​
 + <​if-op-attr name="​L"​ op="​available"/>​
 + <​if-op-attr name="​L"​ op="​changing"/>​
 + </​or>​
 + </​conditions>​
 + <​actions>​
 + <​do-set-local-variable name="​locationoffice">​
 + <​arg-node-set>​
 + <​token-src-attr name="​L"/>​
 + </​arg-node-set>​
 + </​do-set-local-variable>​
 + </​actions>​
 + </​rule>​
 + <​rule>​
 + <​description>​Concatenate Values</​description>​
 + <​conditions>​
 + <​and>​
 + <​if-local-variable name="​locationoffice"​ op="​available"/>​
 + <​if-src-attr name="​L"​ op="​available"/>​
 + </​and>​
 + </​conditions>​
 + <​actions>​
 + <​do-for-each>​
 + <​arg-node-set>​
 + <​token-local-variable name="​locationoffice"/>​
 + </​arg-node-set>​
 + <​arg-actions>​
 + <​do-set-local-variable name="​lvlocationoffice">​
 + <​arg-string>​
 + <​token-local-variable name="​lvlocationoffice"/>​
 + <​token-text xml:​space="​preserve">,​ </​token-text>​
 + <​token-local-variable name="​current-node"/>​
 + </​arg-string>​
 + </​do-set-local-variable>​
 + </​arg-actions>​
 + </​do-for-each>​
 + <​do-strip-op-attr name="​L"/>​
 + <​do-set-dest-attr-value class-name="​User"​ name="​L">​
 + <​arg-value type="​string">​
 + <​token-replace-first regex=",​ " replace-with="">​
 + <​token-local-variable name="​lvlocationoffice"/>​
 + </​token-replace-first>​
 + </​arg-value>​
 + </​do-set-dest-attr-value>​
 + </​actions>​
 + </​rule>​
 + <​rule>​
 + <​description>​Remove Values If Needed</​description>​
 + <​conditions>​
 + <​and>​
 + <​if-src-attr name="​L"​ op="​not-available"/>​
 + </​and>​
 + </​conditions>​
 + <​actions>​
 + <​do-strip-op-attr name="​L"/>​
 + <​do-clear-dest-attr-value name="​L"/>​
 + </​actions>​
 + </​rule>​
 +== Test ==
 +Now the values in eDirectory give these values in Active Directory:
 +{{idmmultivalue15.jpg}} \\
 +But also, these values sync back:
 +{{idmmultivalue16.jpg}} \\
 += Sources =
 +{{http://​​coolsolutions/​tip/​15107.html|Cool Solution: Multi-valued Attribute to a Single-valued String}} \\
 +http://​​support/​​cmd=show&​forward=nonthreadedKC&​docType=kc&​externalId=10097756&​sliceId= \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​3075/​synchronizing-single-and-multi-valued-attributes-adedirectory \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​9413/​generic-single-valued-schema-enforcement \\
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