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 += Identity Manager ReadMe =
 +Before you start with Identity Manager there are a few articles that are more clear than Novell'​s documentation,​ especially when you're just starting with this complex piece of software.
 += A Guided Tour =
 +This is a tour through Identity Manager in three articles, very well readable and it will get you started with the terminology and basic concepts:
 +http://​​communities/​node/​6679/​guided-tour-novell-identity-manager \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​6696/​guided-tour-novell-identity-manager \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​6697/​guided-tour-novell-identity-manager \\
 += Creating a Test Environment =
 +This is my own report on creating a test environment between AD and eDirectory:
 +[[idmaddriver]] \\
 += Tracing =
 +When you're troubleshooting,​ creating and reading traces are really important to manage:
 +[[idmdstrace]] \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​9677/​comprehending-idm-traces-part-1 \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​11166/​comprehending-idm-traces-part-2 \\
 += GroupWise =
 +And if you wanna go on, this is some more information on the GroupWise driver:
 +http://​​communities/​node/​10036/​idm-driver-walkthrough-groupwise-part-1-4 \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​10037/​idm-driver-walkthrough-groupwise-part-2-4 \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​10038/​idm-driver-walkthrough-groupwise-part-3-4 \\
 +http://​​communities/​node/​10039/​idm-driver-walkthrough-groupwise-part-4-4 \\
 +{{tag>​idm groupwise edirectory ad}}
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