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Build This Site - a MakeOver

I've using DokuWiki for a very long time now, and have upgraded, moved, reconfigured and upgraded again for a while now. It's simple, fast and reliable. Because I moved my main site(s) to static sites in the public cloud and have not found a good replacement yet for dokuwiki I decided my wiki deserves a site of it's own, and also decided it's time for some rebranding and configuration.

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2019/11/18 10:40 · sjoerd

JavaScript Referrer

Use this javascript to set a referrer, meaning that if a user visits a page directly it gets referred to the main page. This way you enforce users to always use the mainpage:

<script type="text/javascript">
if (document.referrer !== "") {
    window.location.href = "";
2019/10/30 16:03 · sjoerd

HowTo Rejoin a Server to an AD Domain

  1. Reset domain computer object (this resets the object but keeps the GUID and SID of the object)
  2. Disjoin and Join the domain from the computer itself, needs admin password
2019/10/30 15:59 · sjoerd
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