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 = Intune App Protection Report = = Intune App Protection Report =
 +When using Intune App Protection I found it hard to find which users are using outlook protected (through Intune) and who not. So this is how you find the reports:
 += Check One User =
 +* Go To Intune App Protection in the Azure portal
 +* In the Overview blade you already see by default the App protection status
 +* Click on the widget
 +* Click on Add user and select the user you want to check. ​
 += Check the Status for all Users =
 +* Go To Intune App Protection in the Azure portal
 +* Go to App Protection Status
 +* Click on the Top Protected iOS Apps, or the Android one (you can change this later)
 +** Select the Platform: iOS or Android
 +** Select the App: Outlook (or any other app)
 +** Status: Unprotected
 +This will show you the list of users. ​
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