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 += NAL Basics =
 +== What is the NAL ==
 +NAL stands for Novell Application Launcher and is part of ZENworks Desktop Management. ZEN stands for Zero Effort Networking. Main purpose of this product is to provide an easy way to manage the desktops in the network with the least administrative effort possible. So the NAL is used to provide a single way to offer applications,​ updates and settings to everyone.
 +The NAL and ZENworks Desktop Management is also used for the following functionality:​
 +# Workstation Registration
 +## All workstations are being registered in eDirectory. This is to associate all applications to. Only registered workstations are offered applications. This registration tracks which user is logged in and which ip address the workstation has.
 +# Remote control
 +## In case the workstation is properly registered and the logged in user gives approval (required for every session) a system administrator can control a workstation in order to solve a problem. This is handy in case of minor problems.
 +== NAL Usage ==
 +If everything is installed correctly the NAL will start automatically during login. Inside the NAL there are folders to logically group all applications. In case you don't like this you could choose to view them all in once:
 +Folder View: \\
 +{{folderview.jpg}} \\
 +ALL View: \\
 +{{allview.jpg}} \\
 +== Installs and Shortcuts ==
 +The NAL is used to offer different kinds of packages. This will mostly be installations and shortcuts. Installations are always grouped in specific folders and also the name of the package will tell you it's an install. Shortcuts link to the application they are supposed to start. In case the application is not installed the shortcut will be in black/​white:​ \\
 +{{zwartwiticoon.jpg}} \\ 
 +It's also possible to offer some settings for the convenience of your end-users. This could be for example the proxy settings and the windows update settings.
 +== Startup ==
 +You can start the NAL by going to Start -> Run and enter the following command:
 +== Troubleshooting ==
 +=== Startup ===
 +IN case the NAL won't start or the applications are not showing enter these commands in a DOS-box:
 +zwsreg -unreg
 +This will recreate the workstation registration.
 +=== Verify ===
 +Applications come with a verify option to reperform the installation. This sets all registry settings and files back to the original: \\
 +{{verify.jpg}} \\
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