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 += Forwarding DNS Server =
 +This is the installation of bind on SLES 11 to create a forwarding DNS Server. This is installed on the [[squid|proxy server]] since that is the only server which has internet access. The main DNS servers (which handle the internal domain) will then use this DNS server as their forwarding server.
 += Installation Bind =
 +Go to yast -> Network Services -> DNS Server. If this is the first time it will prompt you that bind needs to be installed. This is of course no problem since we use an [[slesinstallationupdateserver11|update server]], so follow the prompts to do so.
 += Configuration =
 +Go to yast -> Network Services -> DNS Server.
 +* Start-Up
 +** Service start when booting
 +** Open port in firewall
 +* Forwarders
 +** Enter here the forwarders, make sure the internet DNS Servers are used first, and the internal DNS servers as last
 +* Basic Options
 +** Set '​allow-query'​ to '{ any; }'
 +Note, if you forget this you'll get messages like this in your syslog:
 +named[20590]:​ client​18661:​ query (cache) '​​A/​IN'​ denied
 +* DNS Zones
 +** Add here your internal zone and select '​forward'​ as type and click '​add'​.
 +** Select the created zone and click '​edit'​.
 +** In the 'New Forwarder IP Address'​ enter the internal DNS server, and click OK.
 +Click OK and you're done.
 +{{tag>​linux network}}
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