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 += NetApp: Changing Aggr Snap Reserve =
 +Changing the Snap Reserve on an Aggregate cannot be done using Filer View but must be done using the CLI:
 +netappfiler01>​ snap reserve -A
 +Aggregate aggr0: current snapshot reserve is 5% or 13824 k-bytes.
 +netappfiler01>​ snap reserve -A 10
 +snap list [-A | -V] [-n] [-b] [-l] [[-q] [<​vol-name>​] | -o [<​qtree-path>​]]
 +snap create [-A | -V] <​vol-name>​ <​snapshot-name>​
 +snap delete [-A | -V] <​vol-name>​ <​snapshot-name>​ |
 +snap delete [-A | -V] -a [-f] [-q] <​vol-name>​
 +snap delta [-A | -V] [<​vol-name>​ [<​snapshot-name>​] [<​snapshot-name>​]]
 +snap rename [-A | -V] <​vol-name>​ <​old-snapshot-name>​ <​new-snapshot-name>​
 +snap sched [-A | -V] [<​vol-name>​ [weeks [days [hours[@<​list>​]]]]]
 +snap reclaimable <​vol-name>​ snapshot-name ...
 +snap reserve [-A | -V] [<​vol-name>​ [percent]]
 +snap restore [-A | -V] [-f] [-t vol | file] [-s <​snapshot-name>​] [-r <​restore-as-path>​] <​vol-name>​ | <​restore-from-path>​
 +snap autodelete <​vol-name>​ [on | off | show | reset | help] |
 +snap autodelete <​vol-name>​ <​option>​ <​value>​...
 +netappfiler01>​ snap reserve -A aggr0 10
 +snap reserve: Not enough space to set the desired percentage.
 +Snapshot operation failed: No space left on device.
 +netappfiler01>​ snap reserve -A aggr0 3
 +netappfiler01>​ snap reserve -A
 +Aggregate aggr0: current snapshot reserve is 3% or 8292 k-bytes.
 +{{tag>​hardware netapp storage}}
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