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 += NetApp LUN Setup=
 +This is just a reference on how it looks if you want to create a LUN from the commandline using {{{lun setup}}}:
 +storage01>​ lun setup
 +        This setup will take you through the steps needed to create LUNs
 +        and to make them accessible by initiators. You can type ^C (Control-C)
 +        at any time to abort the setup and no unconfirmed changes will be made
 +        to the system.
 +Do you want to create a LUN? [y]:
 +Multiprotocol type of LUN
 +        (solaris/​windows/​hpux/​aix/​linux/​netware/​vmware/​windows_gpt/​windows_2008/​xen/​hyper_v/​solaris_efi)
 +        [linux]:
 +        A LUN path must be absolute. A LUN can only reside in a volume or
 +        qtree root. For example, to create a LUN with name "​lun0"​ in the
 +        qtree root /​vol/​vol1/​q0,​ specify the path as "/​vol/​vol1/​q0/​lun0"​.
 +Enter LUN path: /vol1/lun1
 +"/​vol1/​lun1"​ is not a valid LUN path. Valid LUN paths should be absolute and
 +should start with /vol/.
 +Enter LUN path: /​vol/​vol1/​lun1
 +        A LUN can be created with or without space reservations being enabled.
 +        Space reservation guarantees that data writes to that LUN will never
 +        fail.
 +Do you want the LUN to be space reserved? [y]:
 +        Size for a LUN is specified in bytes. You can use single-character
 +        multiplier suffixes: b(sectors), k(KB), m(MB), g(GB) or t(TB).
 +Enter LUN size: 1g
 +Mon May 16 10:45:47 CEST [lun.vdisk.spaceReservationNotHonored:​notice]:​ Space reservations in vol1 are not being honored, either because the volume space guarantee is set to '​none'​ or the guarantee is currently disabled due to lack of space in the aggregate.
 +        You can add a comment string to describe the contents of the LUN.
 +        Please type a string (without quotes), or hit ENTER if you don't
 +        want to supply a comment.
 +Enter comment string:
 +        The LUN will be accessible to an initiator group. You can use an
 +        existing group name, or supply a new name to create a new initiator
 +        group. Enter '?'​ to see existing initiator group names.
 +Name of initiator group []: Mon May 16 10:48:54 CEST [perf.archive.max_disk_space.changed:​info]:​ Maximum disk space consumption allowed for the performance archiver was changed from '​5072159'​ to '​21474837'​ bytes. Change not committed.
 +Type of initiator group scsilummels (FCP/iSCSI) [iSCSI]:
 +        An iSCSI initiator group is a collection of initiator node names.Each
 +        node name can begin with either '​eui.'​ or '​iqn.'​ and should be in the
 +        following formats: eui.{EUI-64 address} or iqn.yyyy-mm.{reversed domain
 +        name}:​{optional string composed of alphanumeric characters, '​-',​ '​.'​
 +        and ':'​}
 +        Eg:​ or eui.02004567A425678D
 +        You can separate node names by commas. Enter '?'​ to display a list of
 +        connected initiators. Hit ENTER when you are done adding node names to
 +        this group.
 +Enter comma separated nodenames:
 +Enter comma separated nodenames: Mon May 16 10:50:00 CEST [mgr.stack.openFail:​warning]:​ Unable to open function name/​address mapping file /​etc/​boot/​mapfile_7.3.4.L:​ No such file or directory
 +The initiator group has an associated OS type. The following are
 +currently supported: solaris, windows, hpux, aix, linux, netware,
 +vmware, xen or hyper_v.
 +OS type of initiator group "​scsilummels"​ [linux]:
 +        The LUN will be accessible to all the initiators in the
 +        initiator group. Enter '?'​ to display LUNs already in use
 +        by one or more initiators in group "​scsilummels"​.
 +LUN ID at which initiator group "​scsilummels"​ sees "/​vol/​vol1/​lun1"​ [0]:
 +LUN Path                : /​vol/​vol1/​lun1
 +OS Type                 : linux
 +Size                    : 1g (1073741824)
 +Initiator Group         : scsilummels
 +Initiator Group Type    : iSCSI
 +Initiator Group Members :
 +Mapped to LUN-ID ​       : 0
 +Do you want to accept this configuration?​ [y]:
 +Mon May 16 10:51:39 CEST [​info]:​ LUN /​vol/​vol1/​lun1 was mapped to initiator group scsilummels=0
 +Do you want to create another LUN? [n]:
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