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 += NetApp Type And Serial =
 +If you have access to the filer it's quite easy to determine the type and serial number of the filer.
 +== Through the Console ==
 +With the command "​sysconfig -a" you get a lot of information so make sure you got a big enough buffer in your telnet/ssh session client, and you only need the upper part:
 +filer01> sysconfig -a
 +        Data ONTAP Release 7.3.4: Thu May 27 18:22:11 PDT 2010 (IBM)
 +        System ID: 0123456789 (filer01); partner ID: 9876543210 (filer02)
 +        System Serial Number: 2858123456711 (filer01)
 +        System Rev: A0
 +        System Storage Configuration:​ Mixed-Path HA
 +        System ACP Connectivity:​ NA
 +        slot 0: System Board 2.6 GHz (System Board XV A3)
 +                Model Name:         N6060
 +                Machine Type:       ​IBM-2858-A22
 +                Part Number: ​       110-00119
 +                Revision: ​          A3
 +                Serial Number: ​     709361
 +                BIOS version: ​      4.3.0
 +                Loader version: ​    1.7
 +                Agent FW version: ​  3
 +                Processors: ​        4
 +                Processor ID:       ​0x40f12
 +                Microcode Version: ​ 0x62
 +                Memory Size:        8192 MB
 +                Memory Attributes: ​ Node Interleaving
 +                                    Bank Interleaving
 +                                    Hoisting
 +                                    Chipkill ECC
 +                CMOS RAM Status: ​   OK
 +                Controller: ​        A
 +...<​cut>​... ​               ​
 +Now you got the following information:​
 +* System ID
 +* Partner System ID
 +* System Serial Number
 +** The first 4 characters are the machine type: 2858 
 +** The next 7 characters are the real serial number: 1234567
 +** The last 2 characters are dependent on which (filer)head you are:
 +*** 00: This is the main unit as used in metro clusters
 +*** 11: This is head one
 +*** 22: This is head two
 +* Model Name
 +* Machine Type
 +** Note that the serial machine type starts with IBM. This is a Nseries, which is a rebranded NetApp. ​
 +== Through FilerView ==
 +If you can't access the console you can always use FilerView. Log into filerview and navigate to Filer -> Report. Scroll down to System Configuration. Here you have the output of what the "​sysconfig"​ command gives you. This includes the system IDs and the serial number but will not tell you the exact model name and machine type, although the machine type can partly be concluded from the serial number. If you really need the complete information you could navigate to Filer -> Use Command Line. This will start a java applet which will give the possibility to issue the "​sysconfig -a" command.
 +== Through Physical Access ==
 +If you don't have access at all to the filer (anymore) you can always check the filer itself. At the front bezel the type is shown and at the back is a sticker with the full serial number again:
 +{{nseriesfront.jpg}} \\
 +{{nseriesback.jpg}} \\
 +> Note: This is a Nseries which is just a rebranded NetApp
 +> Note: See the 00 where the serial number ends with? That means it's a metro cluster filer. ​
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