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Netbackup BMR: Modify Restore Script

While working on the restore of Solaris including ZFS data (supported since version 7.5) I came across a lot of issues. One of the issues being the lack of support of the ZFS NFS shares. This is a valid option for ZFS filesystems but unfortunately Symantec Netbackup does not support it, resulting in errors in the logs and unpredictive behavior during restores. The solution is not that hard, you have to modify the restore script after you've run the “Prepare to Restore”, but before you actually do the restore.

Modifying the Script

First start a commandline as an administrator on the master server (where you've run the “Prepare to Restore” action) and navigate to the bin directory inside your netbackup installation, which is in our case: D:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin. When you're there it's a matter of three steps:

  • Pull the script and make a backup of it
  • Do a search and replace in the script
  • Push the script back

Pull the Script

Pull the script using bmrc command:

bmrc -operation pull -resource info -client solarisbox02 -source AC108C30.restore -destination C:\AC108C30.restore
Note that the 'AC108C30' is the IP address of the client in hex. This has to be correct!

Search and Replace

  • search for sharenfs=rw=
  • copy the zfs set sharenfs=rw=… value (as in make sure you can set it afterwards on the filesystem)
  • replace it with sharenfs=off
Note that you can't make the modifications using notepad or wordpad. Notepad doesn't recognize the unix breaklines making it unusable and wordpad makes the file actually larger (don't know why) causing the restore to fail. So make sure you use a proper text editor like notepad++ or context (both tested correctly).

Push the Script

Push the modified script back:

bmrc -operation push -resource info -client solarisbox02 -source C:\AC108C30.restore -destination AC108C30.restore

You can now start the actual restore.


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