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NetBackup Restore To Different Environment

This is a special procedure for restoring data within the cluster from one side to the other side. In this test we restored data from the host1 in PRD to the host2 in ACC. The tape with the required data is already in the tape robot in ACC, and is recognizes as the specific tape after running an inventory.

First make an overview of all required info:

DNS Name IP-address Description
nbcluster not applicable (cluster entity) Is the main entity for backups and restores. This entity runs on one of the master servers. This is the one in PRD by default.
prd-nbmaster.getshifting.local (virtual) Netbackup master server in PRD
acc-nbmaster.getshifting.local (virtual) Netbackup master server in ACC
prd-nbmedia.getshifting.local (physical) Netbackup media server in PRD
acc-nbmedia.getshifting.local (physical) Netbackup media server in ACC
not applicable Tape Robot ACC - Admin & W-password
not applicable Tape Robot ACC - superuser & W-password

Restore Procedure

Follow these steps to complete a restore:

  • Mark the backup on the media as the primary backup
  • Set the ACC mediaserver as the restore server for backups created by the PRD mediaserver
  • Perform the restore

Primary Copy

  • In the netbackup administration console go to the Catalog and search for the existing Copy 2 of the required data
  • RightClick the backup image and select 'Set Primary Copy' :


Note: The entry in the Primary Copy column will change to yes.

Mediaserver Override

  • In the netbackup administration console go the 'Host properties' → 'Master Servers'
  • Rightclick the nbcluster and select the properties
  • Go to the general server settings and in the 'Media Host Override' configure the override:


  • Confirm to save the settings to all nodes in the cluster:


  • Read the warning:


  • And perform the 'bpdown' and 'bpup' utility on both the nbcluster and the acc-nbmedia:


Note: You can ignore the warning about that some services failed to start up. It just needs more time, so wait a minute before starting the actual restore.

Restore Data

  • Use the Backup, Archive and Restore (BAR) utility to perform restores. Specify the correct server, source client, destination client and policy type:


  • Select the correct date (notice the little box around the 2nd of november) and select the data you want to restore:


  • To make sure the correct tape is being used you can use the 'Preview Media Required for Restore' :


  • After this you can start the restore. Please note that if you enter a different restore area you'll run into errors. See the error section for more information.


While creating the restore we ran into a lot of errors. This is an overview:

Preview Media Request Failed


The preview media request failed: no entity was found (227)

Run the 'bpdopwn' and the 'bpup' utility on both the master and the media server.

Tape Drive Down



Select the tapedrive, rightclick and select 'Up Drive' (you may have to do this several times).

Restore Not Initiated


ERROR: restore not initiated: the restore failed to recover the requested files (5)

You entered an unvalid restore area. My solution was to restore to the original location, which was possible since I restored to a different server than the source.
Real Solution:
Start the “Backup, Archive, and Restore” utility by right clicking it and selecting the option “Run as administrator”.

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