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 += NetBackup Restore =
 +This is the way to restore files using NetBackup.
 += Start Software =
 +The restore software is a different program from the Netbackup Administration Console and called '​Backup,​ Archive, and Restore':​ \\
 +{{netbackuprestore01.jpg}} \\
 += Select The Client =
 +After starting the software you'll first have to select the client you want to restore data from. Go to '​File'​ and select '​Specify NetBackup Machines and Policy Type': \\
 +{{netbackuprestore02.jpg}} \\
 +Now enter the backup machine, the client to restore data from and the client to restore data to. If the client is not in the list, click 'Edit Client List': \\
 +{{netbackuprestore03.jpg}} \\
 += Start Restore Browser =
 +Click on the restore options and select '​Restore from Normal Backup':​ \\
 +{{netbackuprestore04.jpg}} \\
 +This start the restore browser so you can select the files to restore: \\
 +{{netbackuprestore05.jpg}} \\
 += Start Restore =
 +When you're done selecting the files to restore you can start the restore by clicking the restore button: \\
 +{{netbackuprestore06.jpg}} \\
 +The restore will start now, giving you an option to view the progress.
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