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NetBackup Tape Procedure

This is the procedure to move a tape within a tape robot for NetBackup so it can be picked up by your tape courier.

Identify The Tape

Open the NetBackup Administration Console, select 'Media and Device Management', and then select 'Media'. Sort the media on 'Last Written' and note the slot the tape is in:

Move The Tape

Open the 'Quantum SuperLoader 3' On Board Remote Management through Internet Explorer:

After logging in, select the 'Commands' section. In the 'Moving Tapes' section select the noted slot to move to the mail slot:

After moving, the correct tape will be in the mail slot. You can check by moving your mouse over the mail slot. You'll see the media barcode:

Inventory The Robot

Now you need to let the robot know that the tape has been moved. Open the NetBackup Administration Console again, select 'Media and Device Management', select 'Devices' and right-click 'Robots':
Select the 'Inventory Robot'.

Now select 'Update volume configuration' and click 'Start':

Since a tape has been moved it will ask for confirmation to actually update the volume configuration:

Now you're done.

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