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 += NetBackup Tape Procedure =
 +This is the procedure to move a tape within a tape robot for NetBackup so it can be picked up by your tape courier. ​
 += Identify The Tape =
 +Open the NetBackup Administration Console, select 'Media and Device Management',​ and then select '​Media'​. Sort the media on 'Last Written'​ and note the slot the tape is in: \\
 +{{netbackuptapeprocedure01.jpg}} \\
 += Move The Tape =
 +Open the '​Quantum SuperLoader 3' On Board Remote Management through Internet Explorer: \\
 +{{netbackuptapeprocedure02.jpg}} \\ 
 +After logging in, select the '​Commands'​ section. In the '​Moving Tapes' section select the noted slot to move to the mail slot: \\
 +{{netbackuptapeprocedure03.jpg}} \\
 +After moving, the correct tape will be in the mail slot. You can check by moving your mouse over the mail slot. You'll see the media barcode: \\
 +{{netbackuptapeprocedure04.jpg}} \\
 += Inventory The Robot =
 +Now you need to let the robot know that the tape has been moved. Open the NetBackup Administration Console again, select 'Media and Device Management',​ select '​Devices'​ and right-click '​Robots':​ \\
 +{{netbackuptapeprocedure05.jpg}} \\
 +Select the '​Inventory Robot'​.
 +Now select '​Update volume configuration'​ and click '​Start':​ \\
 +{{netbackuptapeprocedure06.jpg}} \\
 +Since a tape has been moved it will ask for confirmation to actually update the volume configuration:​ \\
 +{{netbackuptapeprocedure07.jpg}} \\
 +Now you're done.
 +{{tag>​backup}} ​
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