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 += NetWare 6.5.7
 +Installatie verslag OES Netware 6.5.7
 +Installatie datum: 22 november 2007
 +Door: Sjoerd Hooft
 += Virtual Machine informatie
 +Guest OS: Netware6
 +SCSI harddisk: 10 GB
 +LSI Logic Bus
 +Networking mode: NAT
 +RAM: 512 MB
 +1 Processor
 +Floppy disk not connected at power up
 += Netware installatie
 +Country: 031 Netherlands
 +Code Page: 850 Multilingual
 +Keyboard: United States
 +Boot Partitie: 200 MB
 +SYS volume: 4000 MB
 +DATA volume: 6043 MB
 +Platform Support Module: ACPIDRV
 +Storage Adapters: IDEATA, LSIMPTNW
 +Storage Devices: SCSIHD, IDECD
 +NIC: PCNTNW.LAN (AMD Ethernet PCnet-PCI, PCnet-PCI_II)
 +Pre-Configured servers: Management server (iManager 2.7 & ConsoleOne 1.3.6)
 +Server naam: OES2NW
 +Subnet Mask:
 +DNS naam: oesnw.n-team.local
 +DNS server:
 +Time zone: GMT + 1 (Amsterdam) + Allow system to adjust for DST
 +New eDirectory Tree: S-TREE
 +Organization:​ SHIFT
 +Server Context: SRV.SHIFT
 +.admin.SHIFT:​ beheer
 +License: *.nlf, unlimited server en 5 user license (SBS)
 +LDAP clear text port: 389
 +LDAP SSL/TLS port: 636
 +Require TLS for simple bind with password
 +NMAS login methods: Challenge Response en NDS
 += Aanpassingen na installatie
 +# Install VMware Tools: vmwtools:​\setup.ncf (VMware commando'​s:​ vmwtool help)
 +# Autoexex.bat:​ server.exe -nl
 +# autoexec.ncf:​ AFP, NFS, CIFS, Bindery, Startx
 +# Inetcfg: standaard methode
 +# Bestanden verwijderd: SYS:​\public\dnsdhcp;​winnt;​win95 SYS:\PVSW
 +# Toolbox.nlm op de server geplaatst
 +# Purge: purgevolume SYS
 +# Uitgezet, SCSI disk gedefragmenteerd
 +# Shrink: vmwtool shrink
 +# Snapshot
 +{{tag>​install netware DUTCH}}
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