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 += AIX NIM Network =
 +To use NIM with a client behind a firewall we need to know which ports and protocols should be allowed to access through the firewall. The [[http://​​redbooks.nsf/​RedbookAbstracts/​sg247296.html?​Open|documentation of IBM]] gives us an overview of the ports and protocols:
 +In addition to these protocols there are a few more things that you should do:
 +== DNS ==
 +The ability to make DNS lookups are required for both registering the client as for doing the NFS mount. Please note that the client should have both A as PTR records listed in the DNS server.
 +== ICMP ==
 +As described in [[aixniminstall]] you can test basic network connectivity by sending pings in the SMS menu. Since ICMP works on [[networkbasics|layer 3]] you know that any problem you encounter is not in the first 3 layers.
 += Implementation =
 +In case the firewall rules are implemented as a cisco access list based firewall I created a special page on how to set things up (based on vlans etc.): [[ciscovlanaccesslists]]
 += Additional Resources =
 +{{tag>​aix network}}
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