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 += NSS Read Ahead Blocks =
 +On Netware 6.5 servers you can improve backup and restore performance by adjusting the read ahead blocks for NSS. This is an per volume setting and can be changed through nssmu and through the nss startup file.
 +== NSSMU ==
 +Startup nssmu and go to the volumes section. Press enter on the volume you want to change: \\
 +{{nssrab-volumeproperties.jpg}} \\
 +Go the the value, press enter and change the value to what you want.
 +== NSS Start File ==
 +Create a NSSSTART.CFG file in c:​\nwserver\ and insert the following line:
 +Note that you should make an additional line for each volume you want to change.
 +== Considerations ==
 +The default value is 2 and valid values are from 0 to 1024. The maximum what would be workable according to Novell is 128. See [[http://​​documentation/​oes/​nss_enu/​index.html?​page=/​documentation/​oes/​nss_enu/​data/​ajhvfk4.html|this page]].
 +If you don't know what the best setting is for you, you could use the tsatest.nlm utility to test your settings:
 +tsatest /v=GW1:
 +This will popup a new screen. Let it run for 30 seconds or more and note the effective MB/min: \\
 +{{nssrab-tsatest.jpg}} ​ \\
 +{{tag>​netware storage backup performance}}
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