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 += Getting Started With Office 365 =
 +This article describes some basic steps on getting started with Office 365, and especially on getting it to use with your email. Used technologies:​
 +* Office 365 Trial 
 +* Office 365 Domains
 +* Office 365 Users
 +* Office 365 Exchange Online
 += Start Free Office 365 Trial =
 +> Note that after a month you need to convert your trial into a subscription. Don't forget or you might face data loss. 
 +Follow these steps to start free trial: https://​​fwlink/​p/?​LinkID=510938
 +* Start the Registration by providing your business information
 +* Now create your user ID. Note that is the name the contract is signed to. I recommend to use a common name like
 +* Then provide your phone number to prove you're human
 +* After successful verifying your human status the trial is created and you'll get info regarding the [[https://​​|sign in page]] and your user ID. 
 +* Go to the [[https://​​|sign in page]] and sign in. You'll notice that some services like OneDrive and SharePoint are still in the progress of setting up
 +You are now ready to start using the office 365 environment. ​
 += Migrate Existing Email Domain to Office 365 =
 +> Note that I'm actually migrating my test domain email towards Office 365 here. 
 +* Log into the [[https://​​adminportal/​home| Office 365 admin portal]] and click on Setup and then Domains
 +* Click on "+ Add Domain"​
 +* Start the New Domain wizard by filling in the email domain you already have and of which you want to move the email to office 365
 +* Verify the domain by adding a text record in your DNS registration (So perform these steps in the portal of your DNS registrar if possible))
 +** Add a TXT record
 +** As text, fill in the "TXT value" as provided in the New Domain wizard and save the TXT record
 +** It might take a while for the record to work but keep trying by clicking the Verify button. Note that it should take at least 5 minutes but depending on the registrar it could take up to 2 days. For me it took about 10 minutes. ​
 +* Back at the wizard, after successfully verifying the domain click the "​I'​ll manage my own DNS records"​ in the "Set up your online services"​ part of the wizard and click Next
 +* Only select Exchange for the online service and click Next
 +* Add the displayed DNS records at your DNS registrar portal:
 +** MX record: ​
 +** CNAME record: autodiscover: ​
 +** TXT record: ​ v=spf1 include:​ -all
 +* And again verify the records. When the records are succesfully verified the wizard is ready and you have added the domain to Office 365
 +== Setup a User to use the new Domain ==
 +* In the office 365 admin portal go to Users -> Active Users -> Add a user
 +* Fill in the required info. Make sure to select the newly added domain under Domain and select the correct license. ​
 +* Click Add to create the user
 +Setup email aliases
 +* Click the account you just created so a new blade appears
 +* Under Aliases click "​Manage email aliases"​
 +* Add aliases as required and click "Save Changes" ​
 +You can now logon using or using the outlook desktop client or mobile app.
 +== Create Admin User ==
 +* In the office 365 admin portal go to Users -> Active Users -> Add a user
 +* Fill in the required info. Make sure to use the onmicrosoft domain under Domain, assign the global administrator role and select the user to not use a license. ​
 +Try to login with the admin account, if successful you can now remove the license from the account which you used to create the Office 365 subscription. ​
 +== Create Shared Mailbox ==
 +See here for more information about adding a [[https://​​en-us/​exchange/​collaboration/​shared-mailboxes/​create-shared-mailboxes?​view=exchserver-2019|Shared Mailbox]]
 +* Exchange Admin Center -> Recipients -> Shared
 +* Click the plus sign to add a new one
 +** Display name: Warmetal - Info
 +** Email address:
 +** Users: Sjoerd Hooft
 +Create, after creation you can add email addresses by going into the properties -> Email address -> Click + 
 +{{tag>​cloud o365}}
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