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 += Office 2007 Installation =
 +This is a small tutorial on how to create a managed installation of MS Office 2007. Covered topics are:
 +* Creating an adminfile
 +* Using the adminfile
 +* Compatibilitymode ​
 +* Removing Office 2007
 +* Visio 2007
 +== Creating An Adminfile ==
 +If you go to the root of the installation source and issue the command {{{setup.exe /? }}} you'll receive the following window: \\
 +{{setuphelp.jpg}} \\
 +So to create a adminfile issue the command {{{setup.exe /admin}}} which will launch the Office Customization Tool: \\
 +{{octwelcome.jpg}} \\
 +We will create a custom installation with these settings:
 +* A specific company name
 +{{octcompany.jpg}} \\
 +* An open volume license
 +{{octlicense.jpg}} \\
 +* A custom installation:​
 +{{octinstallation.jpg}} \\
 +When you're done, go to File and choose for Save As. Save the file in the same folder where setup.exe is.
 +== Using the adminfile
 +To use the just created adminfile issue this command:
 +* setup.exe /adminfile WordExcel.MSP
 +Note that WordExcel.MSP is the name of the transform file. Replace this with the name of your adminfile.
 +== Compatibilitymode ==
 +=== Through The Registry ===
 +Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 +Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 +Note that the xlsx format has a dword value of 33 (51).
 +Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 +Note that the pptx format has a dword value of 1b (27).
 +**Note that you can add registry files to the installation using the Office Customization Tool**
 +==== Manual ====
 +To switch Office 2007 into compatibility mode perform the following steps. Note that these steps have to be done for each application (Word, Excel, etc) separately. ​
 +# Open the Office 2007 application.
 +# Click the Office Button.
 +# At the bottom of the menu select “Word Options” or it’s equivalent depending on which application you’re running.
 +# On the left hand side of the options menu select “Save”.
 +# Next to “Save files in this format” click the drop down and choose Word 97-2003 or equivalent.
 +== Removing Office 2007 ==
 +To remove Office 2007 using the command-line issue this command:
 +* setup.exe /uninstall Standard
 +Note that if you've installed another edition than Standard you'll have to replace Standard with your own edition.
 +See wikipedia (http://​​wiki/​Office_2007 ) for more information about the different editions.
 +== Visio 2007 ==
 +The customization of Visio 2007 works also through the Office Customization Tool. All commands and hints on this page also apply to Visio.
 +==== Extra visio Installation Tips ==
 +You might want to add this registry value to prevent a popup to download some performance tool:
 +Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
 +== Project 2007 ==
 +The customization of project 2007 works also through the Office Customization Tool. All commands and hints on this page also apply to Project.
 +{{tag>​windows tools}}
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