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OpenDS LDAP Indexes


To be able to create indexes on openDS LDAP you need X11 access to the application. To check how to set this up check CygWin - X op Windows and ssh_x11_forwarding_and_su.

Create Indexes

Indexes are created using the control-panel which is part of the installation.

Start the control-panel like this:


Go to “INDEXES” → “New Index”

Create these indexes:

  • Create an index on “AccountID” as index type “Equality” and “Presence”
  • Create an index on “uid” with as index type “Equality” and “Presence”
  • Create an index on attribute “objectClass” as index type “Equality”
  • Create an index on attribute “aci” as index type “Presence”
  • Create a VLV index on whole subtree with filter:
    • (&(|(objectClass=groupOfNames)(objectClass=groupOfUniqueNames)(objectClass=groupOfEntries))(!(objectClass=ds-virtual-static-group)))
    • Sort order: uid (ascending) and AccountID (ascending)
Note: whenever you save an index you'll get a message stating that you should rebuild the index. This will take the backend offline, so click No. We'll rebuild the index in the next step.

When done, exit the control-panel.

Rebuild Index

To rebuild the index on the command line issue these commands:

./rebuild-index -b o=company.local -rebuildAll

Check Index

When the indexes have been rebuild results should show up within 1 second:

root@ldapbox:/opt/OpenDS-2.2.0/bin>/opt/IBM/ldap/V6.2/bin/ldapsearch -h localhost -p 389 -b o=company.local -D cn=manager -w xxxxxxxx uid=000018615777
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